“Be Free”


Years from now, when I look back at 2014, J. Cole on Letterman will be one of the first things I think about.

Between Michael Brown, Eric Garner, ISIS, Ray Rice, Bill Cosby, campus sexual assaults, et al., it seemed like a new tragedy punched us in the stomach every couple days this year. 2014 was a sad time for America, and in this raw, emotional performance, J. Cole captured that sadness better than any other artist I came across.

Every “Best songs of the year” list should start with “Be Free.”



Everyone’s speculating on who will play ex-cop-turned-cop-killer Christopher Dorner in the movie version of his life that’s surely in development right now. Popular guesses include LL Cool J, whose resemblance to Dorner is striking, and Denzel Washington, whose ability to convey complicated monsters is second to none. Those are both fine suggestions, but we at Hustlemania endorse a third candidate: Daniel Day-Lewis, because THE MAN IS A CHAMELEON. Continue reading


RARE TRAVOLTA SHIRTLook at what God did to us, man! The good news is this shirt exists. Bad news, however, is I can’t seem to find where, even on the vast and sticky, fat and greedy InterWeb, to buy it. It was on sale here for about twenty minutes and then poof. Face. Off. Oh well, easy come, easy go. Speaking of easy, you can probably recreate this fashion gem with MS Paint, a half-decent printer, and a pure heart. Plus weed probably helps. Anyway, the gauntlet has officially been thrown down. For the time being though, to satiate your weird pop-culture fantasies, here’s an Ariel Pink video that my friend loves and that has inspired me once again to accept my higher calling as a future director of  $45-budget music videos.